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Export Test Form

If you want to know how working with WBG can improve your export sales to Western Europe, please take a few moments of your time to fill out this form. Once completed it will give us valuable information to make you a tailor made offer, within 24 hours, about how you can turn around your current position in the key wine markets of Western Europe.

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 1. Contact  *) Mandatory fields
 Winery name: *
 Name contact person: *
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 E-mail address: *
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2. Price positioning
In order to understand the different price- quality segments of wine as used in the international wine marketing it is vital to bear in mind which ex cellar prices lead to certain psychologically important retail price points. Below a summary of the currently used six different segment of quality wines and their corresponding retail price brackets.

Category Main Stream Division Plan Europe Ex winery per bottle in € Europe Consumer Price per bottle in € Requirements
ICON Tailor Made > 30 > 150 Long term image (this takes time!), complexity, cellaring potential, high scores among critics.
ULTRA PREMIUM Tailor Made & Quality Street 3,35 - 30 30 14 - 150 Typical, varietal or good blend, more complexity, typical character, origin, image, quality brand
SUPER PREMIUM Quality Street & some Spearhead 2,25 - 3,35 7 - 14 In the higher price ranges: Image, cellaring potential, complexity, well received by critics
PREMIUM Some Quality Street, mainly Spearhead 1,65 - 2,25 5 - 7 Brand, recognition, origin, full body, more character, rich, typical for single or two varietal blend
POPULAR PREMIUM Spearhead only 1,10 - 1,65 3 - 5 Combination of character and accessibility, recognizable characteristics of variety, origin, brand
BASIC Spearhead & non focus Latency < 1,10 < 3,- Varietals, fruit, accessibility, commodity, brand

3. Production & Prices

3.1. What is your annual production?

3.2. What percentage of your annual production do you currently export?

3.3 What is the average ex cellar/Fob price* per bottle of your volume       making wine?

*) For overseas wineries please mention approximate FOB prices from the
country of origin

3.4 Which are your current key European
      export markets and what percentage of your
      total exports goes to these countries?


Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg)
Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway, Finland and              Iceland)
Others, namely:

[mention other important European markets for you]

4. Ambitions

4.1. In which markets do you want to shore up distribution
       during this year?
U.K. & Ireland
Germany, Austria & Switzerland
Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg
Scandinavia and Denmark

Other markets, namely:

4.2. Where do you want to sell your volume making wines?
On Trade
Off licenses (liquor stores)
On Trade Wholesale (Cash & Carry)
Multiple retail (supermarkets, hypermarkets, department stores)
Wine clubs & Internet

4.3. What kind of annual sales target do you have in mind for your
       (new) export markets?

4.4 What kind of different retail prices do you have in mind for
      your wines?*
Wine Brand Ex cellar/FOB price
per bottle in €/$/A$
Estimated retail price per bottle in €
*) If you don't export yet, an indication of your ex cellar or FOB price per bottle will give us sufficient information to calculate the estimated retail prices for you.

5. Support
5.1. Do you currently work with a marketing contribution for your key        export markets?

Yes No
5.2. If yes, do you work with a fixed allowance per purchased bottle,
       or with a fixed annual amount independently from sales?

5.3. Do you have your own POS (Point of Sales) materials or do you        generate budget to make it locally?

5.4. Do you have your own export department        (manager+assistant+logistics and invoicing) or are export sales        divided in your organization?


6. Use the following space for your comments and/or question in
    relation with your current export situation.

Please check all information before submitting this form.    

A copy of the provided information will be send to your email adress.

Within 24 hours we shall get back to you with a tailor made offer, reflecting your winery's potential to be more successful in Western Europe. Thanks for replying.